Usapho Foundation Satellite Office

Usapho Foundation Satellite Office
by Usapho Foundation
13 July 2018

Maintenance and building fault list:


1. 3 leaks from the ceiling. 2 in the front office, 1 in the consultancy room
2. Faulty wiring in the light switch connected to the light by the fridge.
3. Water coming in from the front door due to rainy weather.

General maintenance:

4. Clear Usapho foundation Signage, on door and above car port.
5. Flooring (after leakages have been addressed)
6. Blinds to replace temp curtains
7. Sliding door between consulting room and fro office
8. Blinds for front doors (consultancy room and front office)
9. Clean up for outside.

General needs list:


1. Mirror.
2. Toilet cleaning products and utensils.
3. Hand towels.
4. Toilet paper.
5. Waste paper bin x2.
6. Toilet paper dispenser x2.
7. His and her signage.


1. Kitchen cleaning products (like scourers)
2. Cutlery and crockery.
3. Cupboard with shelving for cutlery and crockery.
4. Dust bin.
5. Multi plug for fridge, microwave, kettle and toaster.
6. Small table for appliances
7. Kitchen clothes.

Front office:

1. Cupboards and shelving for files.
2. Multi plugs for both desks.
3. Waiting area:
a. Chairs.
b. Small coffee table.
4. Posters.

Consultancy Room:

1. Proper chairs.
2. Sign for sessions
3. Locked cabinets
4. Table
5. Posters
6. Clock
7. Foldaway table.


1. Light bulbs (bayonet)
2. Hammer for banners.
3. Broom and scoop
4. Dust bin
5. Multiplug
6. Basin plugs
7. Shelving for files.

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