Our Team

usapho team

Elize Lombard

Founder & Director


Elize is a qualified Social Worker, mother of 2 girls and has always been passionate about working with families. She started working as a Student Social Worker at Correctional Services and qualified as a Social Worker while working there.

She has extensive experience in working in Child Care Facilities, such as Boys Town and Tenterden Place of Safety in Wynberg.

The 11 years as a Practice manager for a Paediatrician equipped her with diverse management skills. Besides her focus on Usapho, she also assists the Parent Centre, facilitating workshops and talks.

usapho team

Abigail Osborne

Facilitator & Administrator


Abigail has obtained her Honours Degree in Psychology from The University of the Western Cape, and is a Registered Councilor with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

Having previously worked within the NPO sector, Abigail has strong organizational and administration skills, and hopes to grow with Usapho and assist in facilitating change and building better families within our communities.

At present, Abigail co-facilitates the Teen Parenting Programme presented by USAPHO, as well has assists in day-to-day administration of the organization. Although not a parent as yet, the experience and opportunity provided by Usapho through the various parenting programs presented, has equipped Abigail with invaluable and vital information and lessons, which she believes will aid her in being the best parent that she can be.

usapho team

Shaville Fledermaus



Shaville is a trained Pastor, holding a B-Theology Degree (BTH) from Baptist Seminary. Previously a journalist with Media 24, Shaville also has a degree in Journalism from Pretoria Technicon.

Now serving as a pastoral counselor at His People Church, Shaville co-facilitates the Teen Parenting and Positive Parenting Programmes at Usapho, as well as delivering counselling services to couples and individuals.

As a mentor to the teen tatas in the Fatherhood Programme, and a father of two, Shaville provides a strong masculine presence and support to the fathers in this program.

usapho team

Leticia Poggenpoel

Social Worker & Facilitator


Leticia Poggenpoel is a devoted wife and a mother of 3 children under the age of 6 and views her family as her first priority. She has worked/volunteered in the NGO, government and education sector for the past 14 years. Majority of her work has focused on victim empowerment, youth development and training.

She believes in serving people holistically and the importance of faith as an integral part of intervention. Leticia is a qualified social worker and registered for private practice. She and her husband founded Arnon & Gila Pty Ltd in 2012 and their main focus is on empowering couples and families through the art of photography.

Leticia serves Usapho foundation as student supervisor and believes that her passion for supervision will aid her growth as well as those she serves.

usapho team

Vuyiseka Buntse

Social Auxilliary Worker & Facilitator


Vuyiseka Buntse (Vuyi) is a qualified Social Auxiliary Worker completed at Michaelmas in 2015 and a short course in Counselling at Attic in 2016. She is a mother of 2 handsome boys, 15 and 2 years old and married. She did her field work practicum at Usapho Foundation, worked at Samila, Khethimpilo and recently joined Usapho Foundation as a Social Auxiliary Worker.

She is very excited to be at Usapho Foundation because she sees the opportunity to get an exposure to the field. She has a passion in Community development and in making difference in people’s lives.

usapho team

Lloyd Cain

Communications Assistant


Lloyd returned to South Africa in 2011 after having been abroad for just over a decade. His time abroad exposed him to different ideas, opinions, cultures and traditions. These experiences planted the seed for him to seek out and explore his passion. That passion... to help others in what ever capacity that is needed.

By volunteering for Usapho Foundation, Lloyd is able to learn and grow his passion, but more importantly he is able to help others when and where is needed.