happy mothers day
by Shanique Samuels
13 May 2018

There is no greater joy for any women than to bring a child into this world. If there is anything I long for most of all, it is the opportunity to enter the world of motherhood. If I have a look at my mother, she is an extraordinary woman. I really think God has outdone Himself when He created mothers. My mother is not just a mother to us but in her occupational capacity, has adopted other kids to take under her wings.She has endured so much in this life but never has she given up. Through it all God was her foundation and that kept her going.She always installed in us that we can do anything we put our mind to. I recall when I told her I want to play the violin, she got me the violin and a tutor, not even questioning my musical abilities. As a single parent, she raised my sister and I to the best of her ability. She had a Monday to Friday job but sometimes worked weekends to, so that she can provide for her family. Me and my sister never lacked anything, every night we had food on the table, a warm bed  to sleep in and a loving mother. Even in times when we fell down, she was always there to pick us up again. With every crisis in our lives she was and is still there. When we going through tough times, she set her needs aside, encourages and has faith for us all. Mothers are instruments from God, fathers as the musicians, should learn to play the right notes and handle the instrument with care, so that a beautiful song can be composed.The beautiful song referred to us, as the children. Just think with any instrument if the right notes is not played what sound will come out. Now think of this statement in a family environment, dad does not play his part, what will the outcome of the children be?So luckily for the instrument, God is always helping the musician or where the musician is abcent, He is the musician, making sure beautiful songs are composed.It brings us to the significance of the instrument, metaphorically referring to the significance of mothers. May all mothers have an awesome Mothers Day!!!

#Shanique Samuels