Kensington PPC Certificate Ceremony

Kensington PPC Certificate Ceremony
by Usapho Foundation
13 June 2019

This Certificate Ceremony this week at Kensington Treatment Centre was both a sweet and sorrowful affair as we bid farewell to our 25 participants. After journeying together for 8 weeks, they have successfully completed USAPHO Foundation’s Positive Parenting Coaching Program covering the modules consisting of Parenting within Families, Understanding Children, Facilitating Parent-Child Relationships and Families in the Community.

The beneficiaries are eager to leave the centre and put into practice the tools and skills that USAPHO Foundation has equipped them with in order to build up their families and communities, and be the best parents that they can be.

We at USAPHO Foundation wish them nothing but the best for this new road that they now walk, both into healthy living and good enough parenting.

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