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A Little More About Us

Usapho Foundation has been established in the Western Cape, South Africa as a non-profit organization to empower families through specific preventative and developmental intervention programs.

Families are facing social factors that are negatively impacting themselves and their communities. We have a passion and responsibility to make a constructive contribution towards uplifting the youth, children and families.

Go to our Programmes section to see our life-changing programmes in our local communities. To see our needs, head to our needs list. Due to the fact that we are a non-profit organisation, we are always in need of donatations.

“Reaching out and making a difference in family members to create stable family units.”

About Us

Our Passion & Responsibility

We know that there are certain factors which can either positively or negatively influence the healthy transition from childhood to adulthood and challenges that families face especially in disadvantaged communities. Within South African communities these factors have not been effectively addressed.

As skillful and resourceful members of the broader community we have a passion and responsibility to make a constructive contribution towards positively uplifting the youth, children and families and empowering these members to become self- sustainable.


pepfar awards
pepfar awards


  • "I understand the feelings of my child because there is now communication between me and my child."
    - Lulutho -
  • "I gain a lot of experience in the group to become a better father."
    - Aviwe -
  • "I lacked parenting skills but now I have a better understanding of what is expected from me."
    - Siyabonga -
  • "I was afraid to talk in front of people but after the programme I can confidently do it now."
    - Nosipho -
  • "I know how to budget for my child’s needs."
    - Amanda -
  • "I know how to discipline my child without hitting her."
    - Balisa -
  • "I feel good about myself."
    - Ayanda -
  • "I just wanted to say thank you so much for last Tuesday; I really had a wonderful day. Whatever it is that you are doing you are doing a great job, I was thinking today that I really feel that I have a family in all the people I was with on that day."
    - Laurence -