The Youth of South Africa

youth day in south africa
by Usapho Foundation
16 June 2017

Being a young person in South Africa is a privilege. We now have access to so many more opportunities than before. As the youth of today it is our responsibility to make use of every opportunity and to appreciate all that we have. Our schooling, housing, rights and most importantly our freedom all came at a price. It is important that young people do not take these for granted and miss out on the full advantage of using these.

Nelson Mandela once said that, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” Young people, you are encouraged to take full advantage of your education, it came at a price and now it is your turn to show South Africa what you will do with it. The statistics of unemployment may not be on our side but we are a part of a generation that is not only able to build onto the future of our parents and grandparents but also start shaping and building a new path for other generations to follow.The key in changing your future is educating yourself and others around you.

Remember and thank those around you because they are the ones who have influenced you to be where you are. Do not overlook the sacrifice but today take a moment to realize and think more about what happened 41years ago. We are now the bridge from our past to the immediate future and what is to come. Take the sacrifices, the lessons and mistakes and apply it in today’s society and always seek improvement.

Youth of today be cautious and responsible not only for yourselves but those around you. Move beyond your struggles, challenges and current situation and work towards your bright future. Never let your fears based on where you came from to dictate where you are going. We are in the position to go after what we want and if you are not then create a platform to help others rather than yourself. Encourage each other to achieve success for those who could not. Be as one with other young people; work with your friends at school, universities, family or community because you will experience your struggles together as well as your successes together. Be proud of who you are and mostly importantly see South Africa not as it is but as it should be.