Facilitator Shaville Fledermaus with Masibambane Teen Mothers 2015

Facilitator Shaville Fledermaus with Masibambane Teen Mothers 2015

“Teenage pregnancy remains of concern due to the negative social consequences associated with early parenthood, for both mothers and their children.”

The South African government realizes that stable, healthy families are at the heart of strong societies and it is clearly stated in the White Paper on Families in South Africa, published in October 2012.

This is an initiative aimed at Grades 9 to 12 students with the key focus on equipping students with effective parenting skills and the necessary support group structures. Through weekly workshops, these girls are afforded the opportunity to learn and grow and utilizing their own experiences as children, and learning better ways to facilitate the upbringing of their kids.

We aim to provide our programmes through the delivery of workshops focusing on Life Skills training and training based on the Circle of Courage model. Other initiatives in this area include leadership programmes for youth, and counselling services.

We plan to run parenting education programmes to strengthen child protection measures.

Usapho will rely on grant funding, sponsorships, philanthropic giving and other revenue initiatives to fund its programs and will seek to build strategic relationships with partners that will support and enable its objectives and programmes.

20 000 teenangers fell pregnant in 2014. At the same time, the City of Cape Town reported that we are winning the battle of teen pregnancies… – SABC News


“The preferred service provider of choice in building better families”

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