“To be the preferred service provider of choice in building better families”

Our objectives are...

Establish the social needs, assess and develop strategies for children and families at risk and equip parents and caregivers with parenting and leadership skills as part of preventative and intervention strategies of specific communities through assessment, consultation and research. Our current target group is teen parents between the ages of  14-25 years in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town, learners at  different schools and in the community who are either pregnant or parents requiring life skills. Our objective is to train and counsel teen parents with parenting and life skills to equip them to function well within their families and the broader community. 


What is the purpose of the project?

The program entails 18 weeks workshops where the learners who are pregnant or are already parents will be equipped with positive parenting and life skills. The Course consists of:

- Being Teenagers, being Parents.                                                 - Positive discipline and problem solving.

- Love relationships and sexuality.                                                - Understanding self-esteem and tools for building self-esteem.

- Understanding their children`s behavior and feelings.         - Values.

- Learning to listen and being assertive.                                      - Loss and Grief (Helping children cope with loss).

- An assertiveness toolkit.                                                              - Managing money and finding ways to generate an income.

Programs will be provided for children and youth to equip them with much needed life skills and opportunities to empower both themselves and their communities.



  • I understand the feelings of my child because there is now communication between me and my child.—-Lulutho
  • I gain a lot of experience in the group to become a better father—Aviwe
  • I lacked parenting skills but now I have a better understanding of what is expected from me—Siyabonga
  • I was afraid to talk in front of people but after the programme I can confidently do it now.—Nosipho
  • I know how to budget for my child’s needs—Amanda
  • I know how to discipline my child without hitting her—Balisa
  • I feel good about myself—Ayanda


“The preferred service provider of choice in building better families”

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