My father, My Hero

happy fathers day
by Abigail Osborne
18 June 2017

My father has been both mother and father to me and my sister for the past 16 years, and becoming a single parent to two, impressionable young girls, I can tell you has been no easy feat, or desirably manageable task.

Sacrifice doesn't begin to describe the countless ways, means and lengths that he has gone through to ensure that we have the best and are the best that we can be.

Whether it be "pearls of wisdom" bestowed upon a question where a simple yes or no would suffice, or a life lesson and lecture amidst a simple "how are you?", he has never failed to take every opportunity to teach, guide and nurture us into the strong, wilful women that we have become.

Shaping us at every turn (which we would previously giggle at, or dismiss with a "you know how daddy is... ") has eventually, now as we see it, become sage advice... And rules, and values, to live by.

This Father’s day, I honour my father... My Hero...and tip my hat, and raise my glass, and any and all salutations to the man who took a girl (albeit sometimes stubbornly and all too begrudgingly) and raised a woman...And although we are still learning, we will always need and appreciate you.

Thank you daddy, we love you

Abigail Osborne (née Ludick)