Managing Toddler Anger

angry toddlers
by Susan Redelinghuys
17 July 2017

My grandson is back from his holiday in Sweden and it is amazing to see how he has grown! He has more teeth, is slightly taller and he truly looks and behaves like a little boy.
One of the humorous moments they experienced while they were away, was when Lucah picked up the garden hosepipe, with a sprayer attached, and walked around the lawn saying “shoo”. My daughter could not understand what he was doing until my son said that Lucah was vacuum cleaning.

It makes sense, because Lucah has not seen a hosepipe with a sprayer attached because of the drought we are experiencing in the Western Cape. In fact, he has never seen us water the garden using a hosepipe.

Although they had a wonderful time in Sweden,one thing that he has started doing, is hitting his mother when he does not get his own way. This is something that 18-month-old children tend to do, so it is quite “normal”. Although his mother is aware of this, she found it to be very embarrassing when he did this at the airport in front of fellow passengers.

When I asked her how she deals with this new “problem” she said that she holds his hands and tells him, in a stern voice, not to hurt mommy. Because she is concerned about this, I decided to read up on the topic and most articles recommend that you do exactly what she is doing.

One thing that you must not do is hit the child because the child cannot understand why you can hit him but he may not hit you. Another thing that you should not do is yell at the child. They key to eradicating this behaviour, is to be consistent in how you deal with it. It is also crucial that you show the child a form of positive behaviour to replace the negative behaviour. An example of this would be to take his hand and stroke your cheek while telling the child that he must touch mommy gently.

I wonder whether he is going to try and hit me. We will just have to wait and see.

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