Life Just Happens

life just happens
by Susan Redelinghuys
25 August 2017

Life is really so interesting and totally unexpected!

After attending the First Aid Course, I thought it wise to check on my first aid “supplies”. So, I had a look at what was in the first aid box (just a plastic container from a local store). The usual: a bandage or two, Savlon and Dettol, some plasters, cotton wool, a pair of scissors – and that was it.

On Monday, I was getting ready to go shopping with Lucah, when I heard my husband shouting at one of our dogs. All I heard was “Get out of the house; Go outside! Go! Go!” I could not understand why this was happening, because the other dog was in the room with me and Lucah. In fact, I was rather annoyed that he was being so harsh with the dog. But, when I opened the bedroom door to find out what the commotion was about, all I saw was blood on the tiles. I grabbed Lucah and made my way to the front of the house.

All I saw was more blood. I popped Lucah into his playpen (he hated that and started to cry – I did not need that at all! How do you explain to a toddler that he has to take a back seat while you attend to your dog?) and went outside to assess the damage. It turns out that my Jackie had torn one of the nails on her back right foot. In fact, I had to count the nails to discover that one was missing! I picked her up and went into First Aid Mode!

I told my husband to go to the cupboard in the passage, to take out a bandage and the Savlon/Dettol. That sounds so in charge of everything, but, if I had not attended the First Aid Course, I would not have known what I had in the cupboard. I picked Jackie up, took her inside, poured some Savlon into water in a bowl (always add water to Savlon or Dettol) and dipped her bleeding paw into the mixture. I knew that I was not fixing the problem, but I knew that I was disinfecting the wound.

We had to take her to the Vet because, although it is a common injury, it is quite serious because the paw can easily become infected. By the time we had arrived at the Vet, the bandage was off and I was covered in blood. The Vet was very quick to tell me that the best way to get rid of blood on your clothes, is to soak the items in cold water. And, it works! So, Jackie has recovered, but I am now (more than ever) aware of how important it is to have some First Aid things on board. I must admit that it was quite traumatic dealing with Lucah and a bleeding dog, but that is just another lesson learnt.

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