Be Aware

be aware
by Susan Redelinghuys
28 July 2017

I almost want to say BEWARE!

It is amazing how quickly a toddler progresses. We have a sliding door that leads out to the garden and it can be locked in place with just enough space for our dogs to move in and out of the house. Before Lucah went to Sweden, he would stand at the opening and look at the dogs that were on the lawn.

On the first day that I had to look after him, after his Swedish holiday, he made a beeline for the opening, turned sideways and almost managed to fall down the stairs. Had I not been watching him, he would have hurt himself quite badly. He knows how to climb up and down stairs, but the stairs outside the sliding door would not give him enough space to sit down and carefully negotiate them. He would simply have fallen down them.

So, I now have to keep the sliding locked and let the dogs in and out!

Another thing that he is able to do, is reach up to the key that is in any door in the house. Sounds quite harmless, but we learnt an important lesson yesterday. My husband has the key to his study attached to his car key and the remote to the garage doors. He had unlocked his study and left the keys hanging in the lock. A friend of mine came to visit and asked me if we knew that one of the garage doors was open. No, we did not! You guessed it. Lucah had reached up and pressed the remote, opening one of the garage doors. We never heard it open, so we were none the wiser.

So, the point that I want to make is: NEVER underestimate what a toddler can do. Be aware, at all times, of where your child is and what he/she is up to.
(Oh, by the way, Lucah has not kicked or hit his mother again. He also never tried kicking or hitting me – just another stage that has passed. Thank heavens!)

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