We are Usapho, and Usapho means Family.

Usapho Foundation has been established in the Western Cape, South Africa as a non-profit organization to empower families through specific preventative and developmental intervention programs. Families are facing social factors that are negatively impacting themselves and their communities. We have a passion and responsibility to make a constructive contribution towards uplifting the youth, children and families.

“Reaching out and making a difference in family members to create stable family units.”

We know that there are certain factors which can either positively or negatively influence the healthy transition from childhood to adulthood and challenges that families face especially in disadvantaged communities. Within South African communities these factors have not been effectively addressed. As skillful and resourceful members of the broader community we have a passion and responsibility to make a constructive contribution towards positively uplifting the youth, children and families and empowering these members to become self- sustainable.

“The preferred service provider of choice in building better families”

Proudly sponsored by:XChange South Africa

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